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Systematic Identification Key for Hexactinellid Sponges


LYSSACINOSA - Supporting spicules of choanosome primarily and commonly all free, sometimes in part or all rigidly connected by secondary fusion; consisting of holactins with a varying number of rays but always comprising rhabdodiactins amongst them.

Key (continued):

10a(2b)     Ectosomal skeleton of dermalia only; without differentiation of hypodermalia .... 11

10b Ectoskeleton of a layer of small enough rough dermalia supported by hypodermalia, which are either pentactins or rhabdodiactins, or both together. 12

11a    Dermalia are moderately large pentactins .... Family Leucopsacadidae

11b    Dermalia are hexactins, as a rule with prolonged proximal ray .... Family Euplectellidae

12a    Dermalia are hexactins or pentactins with distinctly pinulately developed distal ray. Sponge-body goblet-like or mushroom-like .... Family Caulophacidae

12b    Dermalia are generally pentactins with unpaired ray directed proximad, stauractins or rhabdodiactins; rarely hexactins or pentactins with distal ray which is however never distinctly pinulately developed. Sponge-body sacciform .... Family Rossellidae

holactin (microholactin).

fig_115.jpeg (27382 bytes)
Boury-Esnault and Rutzler, 1997. Figure 115.



fig_089.gif (52417 bytes)
Boury-Esnault and Rutzler, 1997. Figure 89

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